You read that right. You have slightly more than two months before 2012 slams its door shut in your face. I have two trips, several goals [mostly to do with yoga, finances, and work] and this list to make sure I don't just get through 2012, I want to make sure I kick major ass doing it!

1. Do more than what you're told to. Apply this in every part of your life - whether it's your job, or your social life. Do more than what your trainer tells you to. Take what you've been practicing to extents you've never brought it before and let yourself feel more accomplished than ever.

2. Teach others about what you know. There seems to be a self-preservation kinda thing going on in the fashion industry, particularly, where everybody is holding on to every little "secret" he or she might know. I say, don't reveal everything, but don't be a selfish motherfucka as well. Teach others what you know, and who knows, you can learn something in return.

3. Make work into play. I know it's easy for me to say when I'm doing something I love, but if you're not doing something you love, why the hell are you still doing it?! Sure there will be days when you want to slit your wrists, but most days when I'm in the office, I'm actually happy doing what I do, and work doesn't seem much like work at all.

4. Take breaks. It doesn't have to be a month long [but go ahead if you can afford it!], but breaks as tiny as you can afford it help! For me, it's my hour-to-myself at hot yoga, or my trips to LA, vegging out watching The New Normal [my favourite new TV show! SO FUNNY, you guys!] at the end of the day.

5. Love what you do, or leave. Self-explanatory, isn't it? ;o)

What do you have up your sleeves for the last 70 days of the year?