Whenever I hear the term 'soldier', Destiny's Child's Soldier comes to mind. It's probably one of my favourite songs by the girl group... That said, save for my brother's oversizes camo pants I tried on once, I've never owned a pair until I slipped my gams into this babies from Zara, and I was sold.

I couldn't decide between an M, which sat lower on my waist and a size L, which was slightly looser, and so I decided, just in case, I picked the bigger size. Unfortunately, they became even looser after a couple hours of wear... I'm going to throw them in the wash to shrink 'em, but I might get another one in a size smaller. Jeans or pants that fit well are so hard to come by - for me, at least. Worn with my favourite v-neck tee from Target and trusty Jeffrey Campbell heels.

On a different note, I love the length that my hair is at now, it's not super short to a point where my ponytail would look like a duck's ass, or too long where I'd be drowning in my own hair. It's easy to manage, and my boyfriend is pleased [I think], cos he prefers me with longer hair. I think it's cos he shaves his head all the time, so he needs me to make up for his lack of locks. Makes sense? I think so.

[ If you were wondering who cuts my hair...holla at Andrea for the best hair cut of your life. Again, and again. Trust me on this one.]