I've been on a semi-vegetarian diet for the past couple of days, evolving to a full vegan diet today before I embark on a five-day juice cleanse for a story I'm doing. It's quite exciting to see the changes my body will go through, and how I will feel for five days without solid food.

Just before I cut out eggs from my diet, I whipped up the local favourite egg tofu on a hot plate I purchased a couple weeks ago in Chinatown. It's the simplest dish in the world - your vegetables of choice, with some garlic, oyster sauce and a lil' sweet soy sauce stir fried and then dumped onto a hotplate with two eggs seared in it. So good.

Since I started dating J, my penchant for red meat has almost ceased to exist, simply because he's a health nut. Sure, I cannot say no to the occasional pulled beef burrito or a succulent piece of seared wagyu, but most times, I'm like 'meh, just gimme chicken already'. I don't eat mutton or lamb just cos' it smells weird.

I don't think I'll ever turn completely vegetarian because I love chicken and seafood too much, but I like experimentations on my body. Keep watching this space for my daily journal I'm going to be doing.