I've been depriving myself of solid food for four days now.

That started off a little dramatic. Let's start again. I've been on a juice cleanse for the past four days, and I'm honestly surprised I've made it this far. I'm not known to have the strongest of willpowers when it comes to food, shoes or travel deals and I haven't gone off my diet, bought a pair of shoes or bought another plane ticket in the past four days. Which is pretty fucking amazing.

I first chanced upon Ritual Cleanse in the US via xoJane [the best by women, for women site the world has ever seen!] and I found myself looking up similar cleanses in Singapore. And surprise, surprise, Sana Cleanse was just about to launch, and so I got in touch with them! Fast forward to today, I don't think I've consumed so much power-packed juices in my life, and while it's not easy, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

For me, it's hard not because I can't eat. I don't eat when I'm fasting during Ramadan so it's a piece of cake. With this juice cleanse, you have to consume power-packed vegetable + fruit juice every two hours, so you're never hungry. Plus, you're drinking so much water that in between bathroom breaks, when I find the time to downward dog, I can hear liquid swashing away in my belly.

It's hard because of the side effects. Your body is obviously getting rid of all the clogged up nasties, so you will experience some crazy shit. The first night I had a mild asthma attack, and I haven't had one for a really long time. The day after I was so phlegmy and so runny nose-y, but it all cleared up after an hour of yoga. The third day excruciating detox headaches hit, I broke out and I was bloated. Today, I feel like I've reached some sort of Nirvana. My body is strangely light and it feels clean.

I'm also surprisingly energetic and I've achieved a whole new level of concentration. In fact, I daresay it's cos' of this cleanse that last night's yoga class was probably one of my favourite yoga class yet!

Of course, there have been times when I wanted to burn the office to the ground because there were log cakes and macaroons and offers to dine at Skirt, and times when I wanted to blow the detox and have a dollop of Nutella... and well, as much as I have enjoyed today, I can't wait till tomorrow ends and reward myself with a new pair of shoes! ;o)