I'd like to believe that some things in life last forever, but sometimes, some things would run its course and what you once had, you don't have it anymore.

Don't worry, J and I didn't split up. He's stuck with me for life, that one. ;o) After a lifelong tango with a special place in the deepest crevices of my heart, I've developed lactose intolerance in the last few months. I refused to acknowledge it of course; life couldn't be so cruel. I couldn't be glutenĀ andĀ lactose intolerant. But after I had a kopi peng for lunch [and only that for lunch, because I had absolutely no time to leave my desk, or even eat at my desk], I bloated to the size of the South American continent. I realised that this bloatedness happens every single time I had anything that was made of dairy, so I had to admit defeat.

Dairy and I are breaking up. No more cheese, no more chocolate milk, no more, no more. It's a little bit depressing, but I also know that eliminating all that dairy from my diet will make me a teensiest bit healthier. I can take lactate tablets when I'm desperately craving some foods, but I'm still in a funk that on top of the fact that I have to think about eating non-gluten, I now have to think of of non-dairy.