Most times, people would tell you to do something new to change the way you look at things. Instead of picking up something new, which can be a daunting task to a lot of us, why not give up a few [or 10!] things to move forward into 2013? I won't make you give up chocolate or shoes, don't worry.

#1: Let the opinions of others control your life. It's hard not to be affected by what other people think. Whether it's about your clothes, about your makeup, about your body, about how you spend your money, your religious beliefs - or the lack of it. People have opinions on everything, whether or not it concerns them. It's not about what others think, but it's about what you think of yourself that matters. Do what's right for you. Sometimes, it takes more time to figure out what you really want for yourself, but trust your gut.

#2: The shame of past failures. Sure, you've made mistakes in the past. So has everybody. And you'll continue to make more mistakes in the future, but mistakes shouldn't define you and your past doesn't equate your future. All that matters is what you do right now. The decisions you make right now.

#3: Your need to be right. I am guilty of this. Aim for success, but don't give up your right to be wrong, because when you do so, you will also give up your ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.

#4: Choosing to do nothing. Think of it this way - you don't get to choose how or when you're going to die, and you can only decide how you're going to live right now. Every day is a new chance to choose. Exercise your right to choose, and do something.

#5: Overlooking the good things in your life. It's easier to sit down and complain about the things you don't have, or be envious of things other people have that you don't, instead of appreciating what you have. Start with whipping up a Love List, and thank God/ The Universe for all the good things you have - whether it's your sister, a job you love, and enviable wardrobe, the ability to walk, and to be able to go home to a family who loves you no matter what.

#6: Procrastinating on your goals that matter to you. We all have goals and things we want to do in life, but a lot of the time, we just keep it at the back of our minds or just hold on to the little dream for fear that if we do actually embark on it, we'd fail and our dreams would just be a heap in the corner. The way I see it, there are two choices in life: to accept the conditions as they exist, or accepting the responsibility to change them. Tired of your life as it is? Change it.