While Andrea introduced me to the wonderful world of J.Crew several years ago and I've found myself perusing their website whenever I can, I've never actually bought anything because I thought they were too expensive. Over the last couple of weeks, in between jaunts to the mall and the sales that are happening, I've accumulated a humble start to, what eventually will be, a J. Crew-filled wardrobe. The quality is wicked, the colours are up my alley and the fit fits me to a tee. Amongst my acquisitions are these bracelets I've bought:

Amongst them is a macrame lace bracelet by Cruciani. They're from Italy, come in various wicked colours and designs and they pack a punch. They also, when layered, make me feel all Californian surfer girl [even though I can't surf - yet!] and I'm far from the skinny, blonde, bikini-wearing Californian surfer chick. Their starfish ones are next on my list!