I go through phases in my life where I get obsessed with something and can't stop wearing them. For a while, it was chunky, oversized rings and now I loathe them. Then it was sneakers. And then everything in a shade of canary yellow. My latest obsession is a royal 'fuck you' to the sun - the good ole' cap.

I love it. I slap it on no matter what I'm wearing and nobody can tell if I perspiring so much my hair is matted to the back of my head [and it has been happening the past couple of days since I've been in SG. This country is cursed, I swear], kept my head warmer in the cold, and I've been carded more times in my adult life for the past two weeks since I've started wearing this cap everywhere. I guess no grown woman would wear a Lakers cap with her heels, would they? Well, I would and it's totally working for me.