Just as I've written a 'Twelve Things to Do in 2012' post, I thought I'd do a 2013 post as well, and granted, it's almost February, but at least I'm still setting goals, and helping you set goals within the first month of the year, no? In no particular order, here we go:

#1: Set Boundaries

Build a strong foundation this year. One of the surest ways to do that is to set boundaries with people you love, people you work with, and people you care about. This way you will not only know very quickly who respects you enough to abide by your boundaries, and you will show respect for yourself and your values, making sure that you have a stable environment to thrive and pursue your goals.

#2: Get Healthy

Inspired by my friend Kate who's lost a ton of weight, I've decided that this is the year I'm going to lose all the excess weight that very often makes me feel shit about myself. I'm starting a juice detox for three days from tomorrow, and continuing with a diet and workout regiment. On top of yoga, I'm starting to work out at Ritual [I've gone once and they basically butchered my body. Good kind of butchered. Watch this space to find out more!]. I'm also looking into natural health supplements to take, and just take better care of myself in general. I think in my case, I need to think of this as a lifestyle change and not a temporary, let's-lose-some-weight kinda change.

#3: Find a Purpose

Whether your purpose is to bring your career to greater heights, or to raise a family, write these purposes down. It gives you a goal to work towards what you want to achieve. A purpose is not something you should be uncomfortable about, but instead, be something you're passionate for, and something you can give your whole heart towards.

#4: Get A Healthy Social Circle

As you grow older, you need to create a healthy social circle to be able to find balance between work and home. If you are surrounded by people who thrive on gossip, who are negative, and always putting people down, or saying offending things without thinking twice, maybe you should get rid of them. It's not worth hanging out with people who make yourself feel crummy. Quit your toxic friends, don't have enemies and surround yourself with love, light and posi-fucking-tivity! ;o)

#5: Shake Up Your Make Up

I was never allowed to wear make up as a teen, and I only started experimenting with it in my early twenties. I dabbled here and there, but only in the recent years have I discovered the true gem that comes with make up. I am no pro, but I'm always learning. This year, shake up your makeup. Stop wearing your falsies, throw in a bright lip, learn how to do a cat eye [I still can't do that shit].

#6: Travel

Travelling will always, always, always be in my to-do lists for the year. My plans for travel this year are mostly, and obviously, directed towards the West Coast of the big US of A, but I will probably find myself in the East Coast at least twice. I miss Europe, and I miss Thailand, but I have other priorities now.

#7: Free Yourself of Debt, and then Save Money

Whether you have student loans, credit card debts, or what-have-yous, make it your priority to rid yourself of debt first before you start saving money because the interest you incur on debts is scary shit. Set aside a certain amount every month and stick to it. One of my resolutions this year was to take cabs less, so that I save more, and I have been doing it. I may be sweating my ass off when I get to work in the morning, but at least I'm doing it!

#8 Give Thanks

We complain so much and so often in our daily lives that we often forget to be thankful of the things we have. What you have now are probably things some people wish they could have. An education, a roof over their heads, the ability to communicate. Every little thing we take for granted are big things some people wish they had.

#9 Accept Life's Cycles

Once you realise and accept that life has its ups and downs, successes and struggles, moments of unadulterated blissfulness and periods of intense sadness, then you will be capable of savouring moments of inexplicable joy that would help through moments of frustration. Acceptance also goes back to giving thanks. It is when we realise that things can screw up so easily that we can cheer that much more exuberantly for those moments of joy.

#10 Create something

Whether it's a craft, or it's a dish, there's nothing quite like putting your laptop away and putting your hands to work. If you can't cook for nuts, try something easy, like this meatball recipe!

#11: Journal Frequently

I don't think a day goes by when I'm not writing. I write all the time. While it's exhausting [that's why I don't seem to be updating this blog too often these days], I also feel like I need to pick up a pen and a journal and write more. Write not just because I have to, to pay my bills, but write because I should capture the now in words, because I love looking back at proses I've written in various times of my life and recollect.

#12: Take Time Out

I'm working on a new exciting project that's a sister site of the incredible that will launch soon. On top of that, I have my day job at inSing, and my two social media clients. My plate is spilling over and I'm honestly, working all the time. On one hand, I don't mind it, but on the other, I need some time out to make sure I don't burn out. Remember to do that for yourself too - whether it's watching the latest episode of Modern Family, or going for a yoga class!

#13: Be inpirational

Be someone that you can be proud of when you go to bed at night. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.