I thought it's the right time to whip up a Love List - I'm trying to wake up from my slumber and into writing mode again. Here's a Love List for all the things I'm lovin' and for all the things I'm thankful for!

* I am writing for Jane Pratt. I know I've been going on about this, but yesterday when Jane replied to me on Twitter, it actually did sink in that she's my boss

* My room is filled with so much junk [that I love, and have acquired over the years] and it could certainly use a makeover, but I love being in it so. When my tush touches my bed, there is no where else in the world I want to be [except to transport J into my bed as well!]. Here's a Vine of my room.

* Have you watched GirlsYes, we don't get it in Singapore [and I can't wait to be packin' for the US], but Girls is a TV show that has me obsess over it, gets me uncomfortable, and makes me go, "WTF is going on?!" I first got on to it when J and I were watching it over the holidays in his parents' kitchen, and we were trying to make sense of it. And then, I caught more episodes on the plane. Now, I download every episode every Monday. What I would give to get Hulu here!

* This time last year, this was what I was thankful for.

* Sleep masks 

I never understand why people need sleep masks when they sleep at home, because I imagine it'd be uncomfortable. TMI here, but I like to be in as little clothes as humanly possible when I'm in bed. But when you're on a plane however, you'll never thank the heavens more than when you're armed with a sleep mask, you have a neighbour who has his light on throughout the flight and all you want to do is fall the fuck asleep.

I just bought this one!

What's been on your Love List recently?

Be fearless, and be fabulous, kitty cats!