Love List #24

As the year quickly draws to a close, I decided this Love List should be dedicated to the simpler things in life, that I should be thankful for more often.

* Family As much as my parents annoy me, and my brother gets on my nerves, I'm thankful for a perfectly normal family. We have minor feuds, and would spend a couple of days without talking, but at the end of it all, we'd spend Sunday night having dinner together. And everything will be right again.

* Friends For people who have managed to help me pull through, kept me company, and listen and berate me, for individuals who have managed to make sure I don't sink into the darkest of abysses and for people who have selflessly loved me, I couldn't be more thankful.

* New Beginnings At this point in time, I have two options to where my 2010 is headed, and while I'm really hoping one option will come through, the other option would work just as well for me. I know I'm being completely and ridiculously ambiguous, but this is as much as I will fill you in for now, as I don't want to jinx any of it.

And because we all need a sappy old school song to mark the impending end-of-the-year, here's one of my all-time favourite movie soundtrack from again, one of my favourite animated movies, The Land Before Time:

What’s on your Love List this week?

<3 Loving you and leaving you always!