Back at Work

My friends get annoyed with me when I moan about my state of unemployment, because according to them, I am not unemployed because I'm back freelancing. Which is true - I am back freelancing and I've been very lucky to have been given a cornucopia of assignments these past and coming weeks, and I'm getting busier as we speak. I haven't had more than six hours of sleep since Saturday night [yes, cumulatively!], but I'm not complaining.

How pretty are the sparkles on these Louboutins:

I shot for Solitaire magazine for the first time yesterday, and it was a still-life shoot. We were using hand models [which simply means the models are usually fug and not worthy of fashion spreads - but their hands are!] and we shot hundreds and thousands worth of jewellery. This one we shot, which I didn't get a good photo of, is a whopping $700,000. How depressing is it that I barely even have ten percent of that in my bank account?!

I think it's funny how there are people who think they're so model-worthy when they clearly aren't. The male model we used acted like he was too good for this job, and after a conversation with a friend in the industry earlier, he has apparently pissed a few modelling agencies off in Singapore because he acted that way. And the thing is - he doesn't look good, he's not tall and he doesn't have a good body. He wasn't even paid for the job he did for us, I don't know why he needed to throw his weight around like he mattered. I overheard a conversation he had with the female model [who was a very nice girl] and he said that he's been "modelling" for two years. According to him, he says that he's considered exotic in Singapore and he models.

Exotic my ass, he looks like something that crawled out of the freakish extras set from Lord of the Rings.

All that aside, I had fun at the shoot with the team. And of course, I had fun loaning Louboutins. Check these sweet babies from the Spring Summer 2010 collection out:

Anybody has $1,600 to spare? ;o)