En España**

Finally, I have an evening when I'm not knackered out of my mind, so I managed to have a leisurely bubble bath, upload all my photos, check my emails and now, blog. Madrid, as always, is nothing short of a ton of fun, albeit terribly exhausting this time around. Here are some photos:

My leg is much better now, although it gets painful from the crazy amount of walking we've been doing touring the city. The swelling has gone down, so I've been made to wear an ankle guard instead, which makes things easier.

I haven't actually bought anything worth blogging about, save for the red leather jacket I got from H&M, but we're going to an shopping outlet tomorrow, and Agatha Ruiz's boutique, so I suspect I'll be blowin' some moolah then. I went into H&M looking for a black leather jacket, but I tried on the red one and didn't want to take it off. =)

Watch this space for my blow-by-blow report of having dinner at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's place! She's such a character!

** In Spain.