You know how there are some friends that no matter how long a period of time you haven't met, when you meet again, it's like you were hanging out just yesterday? And these group of girls I went to school with are like that.

Because we wanted to celebrate Nurul's birthday and satiate her egg obsession, we headed to Hatched, and all-day breakfast place all the way in Evans Road.

All photos by Nessi Esteffa

I know the photos look really good [Nessi's a good photographer], but the food wasn't phenomenal. For a place that does eggs, I think they didn't do all that good a job. It's pretty, it's well-presented and it's a good concept, but it's not food good enough for me to bother venturing back. Plus, the waitress we had kept trying to crack jokes that weren't funny.

That said though, I did have a good time with the grrrrls. :o)