Wanderlustin' USA

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It's official - come 1 Feb, I will be taking off for a trip to the big US of A for a few months starting all the way in Texas. I will be spending most of my time in New York and Texas [to visit Andrea, and for the South By Southwest festival], but I have high hopes of making it to LA and Mexico some time during the trip.

After the initial elation of being able to finally satiate my wanderlusting desires, I realised that

  • Packing to be away for a couple of months is a complete bitch,
  • I don't know which shoes to bring and which shoes I will miss if I don't bring,
  • I have been ridiculously impulsive with my purchases until mid 2009, and I need a wardrobe overhaul,
  • I will not be away for a few months and not in a third world country [where drycleaning is dirt cheap], so I have to do my laundry not in my own home. Crap.
  • I will have to go through an excruciating 28-hour journey just to get there.

All that aside, I'm still thrilled and I can't wait to go. And yes, I'll be blogging and tweeting all the time while I'm there, so keep checking thedramadiaries! And if you're living at any of the places I'm going, let's grab coffee!