Never Leave Home Without...

I have a few things that I can't leave home without, sorta life-or-death essentials like my asthmatic inhaler, and my allergy medication, and of course the usual wallet-phone-keys-iPod combo. One of my best investments, and most treasured piece of accessory is my pair of Rayban aviators. My dad gave me my first gold-rimmed pair years ago, and I have since lost them [pretty sure it was at a Colombian house party...] bought a cool-ass all-black one, which I've given to my brother, and bought another pair of gold-rimmed ones from Valencia and have been wearing them to death. This is proof I never leave home without them -

Getting coffee, first week in China, early Spring 2008:

In a cab on my last day in Shanghai, China almost-Summer 2008:

First time in Spain, in Madrid's Parque del Buen Retiro, Summer 2008:

In Berlin, Germany at 9am, sauntering back to my hotel after an insane night out, Fall 2008:

In Byron Bay, Australia, getting darker than ever before, Summer 08/09 [Aussies & their screwed up seasons]:

In Valencia, Spain in my rockin' coat, early Spring 2009:

So pray tell - what do you not leave home without?