Awesomeness that is Austin

It's so nice to be away from Singapore for quite a lengthy period of time, and after being in Austin for a week, I have to say I really like it. On top of the amazing food I've been devouring, there's also a lot of great shopping, especially for vintage here. I have, however, been quite the nazi on what I decide to blow my money on so thus far, I've only bought a dress and a top. What is particularly strange for me is that because everything is so spread out, the city doesn't seem like a city because unlike Berlin, New York, Madrid or even Amsterdam, there aren't about hundreds of people walking down a street at any one point in time. Sorta bizarre.

I'm going to be travelling around the US for a bit [I'm still hoping I get to Disneyland - anybody interested to come with?] before I come back for SXSW. Austin's big on music and the arts, so being here when this festival is on is going to be wicked. Apparently, at any point in time during the festival, there will be 300 different bands playing all over the city! Pretty amazing, huh?