If I Can Make it There, I Can Make it Anywhere

It's funny how your own personal perspectives can change in such a short period of time. Only half a year ago, when I was here, I was completely enamoured with New York City, and I was convinced that this is where I belong. Barely a couple of days into my trip and things change. I still love this city, and I still do think it is my favourite place to visit, I don't know if I can live here.

To say that it's an expensive city to live in would be an understatement - I guess when you've lived and work in your home country for as long as you've been alive, things get a little scary. Not being American meaning I'd have to get some sort of visa, then there are taxes, health insurance, rent, and loads of other things to worry about. While I know people who are well off living here, I also know others who are scrimping. I don't want know if that sort of a life is something I want for myself, because let's face it - as long as I stay in publishing and fashion, I ain't never going to be rolling in dough.

All that said though, New York City is so mind blowing. Already, I've been introduced to new fab people, met some I haven't seen in a while  and I can't wait to reconnect with folks I haven't seen for six months. And finally, I'm back in a part of the world where there are other people taller than me, and hot men are everywhere. I find myself perving at cute guys in subways with their heads buried in a book - seriously, when do you ever see a cute guy reading a book in Singapore?

I've bumped into blogging phenomenon, Gala Darling on 38th and Broadway, I've had a night out in Williamsburg, and next week my agenda includes meeting a few model friends who are in town for fashion week, meeting another New York-based blogging phenomenon, going on a Sex & The City Tour thanks to the good people at Screen Tours, going to Malan Breton's Fall 2010 show, hitting the Tim Burton exhibit in MoMA, and more. You know you just have to keep watching this space. ;o)

P.S.: Thank you for all the entries and compliments you've left on my Win: Boxful O' Treats from NYC contest! While my hit counter does tell me how many of you are out there, it doesn't seem real until you comment or email me - and it's only when I have a contest is when I realise how many of you are out there! You voyeurs, you! ;o) And yes, the contest is still open!