Things I Now Know

# Whole Foods Market = Best thing that happened to America.

# I like being able to bring my piping hot Venti skinny hot chocolate onto the train back home when it's freezing. Even if I lose a couple of toes to the cold, at least I have some hot chocolate to ease the pain.

# NYC Subway system is disgusting and unreliable but also probably the most efficient way to get around in snow.

# Strand Bookstore is literature Disneyland. I died over and over again and asked myself why the hell I was in Barnes & Nobles all this time when I could've been here?!

# There's almost no such thing as being different in New York. Difference is celebrated and embraced, not leered at and judged; which makes this the most incredible city in the world through and through.

# I am not too tall, too big, too Indian, not Indian enough, not Asian enough... my idiosyncrasies blend in with everyone else's idiosyncratic ways, and I love that.

# Assigned seating system we have in place in movie theatres back home? Thank God for that.

# It is actually humanly possible to curb my shopping indulgences. Who would have thought.

# If snow was like talcum powder, it'll make the world a much better place. Unfortunately, it is not. Yes, it is pretty, but when it's a royal bitch when it comes down hard, and after, when it melts and turns into slush, it's neither a pretty sight, nor is it less of a bitch to walk through. I'm ready for sunshine and flip flops pronto.


# I could live here, and I could not live here. Question is, what do I do?