To say that I haven't whipped up a Love List in a very long time is an understatement. My last was early June 2013. That's more than 365 days of not sharing what I've been obsessed with, of late, amongst other things. But you know, I'm trying to get back on the bandwagon. You do, however, have 64 to go through. That's YEARS of links and obsessions.

But I digress. 

* My Blob! It's safe to say that I've been obsessed with my cousin's son (who is actually my first cousin once removed, but for simplicity's sake, I call him my nephew) for as long as he's been alive - almost seven months now. He's a quarter Indian, a quarter Chinese and half White but all round cuteness. He's currently in a stage where he stuffs his mouth with everything he can get his hands on. Shortly after my cousin photographed him with me in the photo above, I turned him around to look at me. He then lunged forward and attempted to eat my nose. :o) Too cute. He even has a Facebook Page, if you want to check him out... more than you already do on my Instagram, that is.

* Bincho at Hua Bee I've only been back to Bincho for the second time since it opened and it still blew me away. The grilled squid off their à la carte menu is definitely a must-order. It's all the goodness you want in squid - light, tender, succulent and succulent. So, so good. Their wagyu beef onigiri balls are another you have to make space for. Check out their #binchosg hashtag on Instagram for more. 

* Chrissy Teigen I don't usually follow celebrities on social media, but I'm obsessed with John Legend's wife, mega hottie, Chrissy Teigen. Other than the obvious fact that she has a bangin' body, she is also a complete kook. And she's a brilliant cook as well. Crossing my fingers and hoping she comes to Singapore when her husband makes his way here for the upcoming Formula 1.

* Footwear I used to once live in heels. Like I had a six-inch extension coming out from my heel permanently. Thanks to the sportwear trend and people wearing sneakers with everything, I've gotten used to wearing my Nike Rosche Runs with everything as well. Heels have become, well, a chore. I still have a lot of love for them, but with the dearth of footwear in my size, it's almost impossible to find new heels and simple ballet flats (that are very much needed). Where is a DSW when all my shoes are falling apart?

That's it for now, my loves. Follow me on Instagram in the meantime and let me know what kind of content you want to see from me. I'm hoping to whip up a video blog or two... watch this space!


How long has it been since I whipped up a gratitude list, I know not. But it's about time because I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Here are the things I'm lovin' that you too should check out:

# Before Midnight I can't wait for the latest - and final - instalment to the Before Sunrise trilogy. I love this story. Have you read about the real couple behind Before Sunrise?

# Anatomy of a stack I am loving thin gold rings. I always have - especially since I can't wear necklaces because of my eczema, but my love for rings have moved from ostentatious oversized ones to daintier jewellery. I love stacking rings and I've found a couple from some Etsy shops, and Odette

# Steamer trunks I've been home all weekend trawling random websites including Etsy. i've wanted a steamer trunk for as long as I knew what a steamer trunk was, and especially when I saw an vintage Vuitton one in the house of my then-managing editor. I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. I will one day have it in my home, but in the meantime, I'll just salivate over these.

# Geek toys While these are more a daily part of our lives more than they are geek toys, I'm always amused when I receive cool flash drives. Furla gave me one at their event, and it is in the shape of the Furla Candy bag. If you want a just-as-cool flash drive, check out this ambulance and police car flash drive. SUPER CUTE.

# Origami. Fox!

# The Death of thedramadiaries There are many reasons why thedramadiaries is left to die - it's time I used my name as my brand, and I needed something more professional to show off my work. I'm not another fucking blogger, so hopefully, this site will tell people that. Social media influencer - yes, writer - absolutely, blogger - fuck no.

# My birthday is coming! Have I mentioned that already? ;o)


I thought it's the right time to whip up a Love List - I'm trying to wake up from my slumber and into writing mode again. Here's a Love List for all the things I'm lovin' and for all the things I'm thankful for!

* I am writing for Jane Pratt. I know I've been going on about this, but yesterday when Jane replied to me on Twitter, it actually did sink in that she's my boss

* My room is filled with so much junk [that I love, and have acquired over the years] and it could certainly use a makeover, but I love being in it so. When my tush touches my bed, there is no where else in the world I want to be [except to transport J into my bed as well!]. Here's a Vine of my room.

* Have you watched GirlsYes, we don't get it in Singapore [and I can't wait to be packin' for the US], but Girls is a TV show that has me obsess over it, gets me uncomfortable, and makes me go, "WTF is going on?!" I first got on to it when J and I were watching it over the holidays in his parents' kitchen, and we were trying to make sense of it. And then, I caught more episodes on the plane. Now, I download every episode every Monday. What I would give to get Hulu here!

* This time last year, this was what I was thankful for.

* Sleep masks 

I never understand why people need sleep masks when they sleep at home, because I imagine it'd be uncomfortable. TMI here, but I like to be in as little clothes as humanly possible when I'm in bed. But when you're on a plane however, you'll never thank the heavens more than when you're armed with a sleep mask, you have a neighbour who has his light on throughout the flight and all you want to do is fall the fuck asleep.

I just bought this one!

What's been on your Love List recently?

Be fearless, and be fabulous, kitty cats!


Yes, I'm neither American, nor in America, but I am festive, so Happy Thanksgiving, dollface! I can't believe the last week of the second last month of the year is almost upon us, and I have so much to be thankful for!

* Healthy relationships I was just thinking about this yesterday. People who are in my life, whom I communicate and are in touch with are people who I've chosen to be a part of my life. I'm not obligated because of ties, I don't have to be all PR-y with these people, and that's the way I'd like it to be. People in my life are people who I want to be part of me. I like to think I've eliminated every bad blood, and every toxic individual. I was watching the lastest episode of The New Normal, and their last scene had a wonderful quote:

"Family is who you choose, it's the relatives who are chosen for you."

And God only knows how much I detest my relatives. ;o)

My family is J, and my parents, and my brother, and Fadzlin and Denise, and Andrea and all the people I surround myself with that make me happy, who I turn to when I need help, who will be there for me even though they were fuming mad at me the day before. Because that's what family is.

* A future I'm thankful for a future. I love knowing that the best years of my life have yet to come, and I love that I know whose hand I will be holding while taking on the world together.

* Allegra I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for Allegra. If you have been given shitty, absolutely useless antihistamines to tackle your eczema or allergies, ask for Fexofenadine. On days when I want to tear out my skin, I pop two and I get completely knocked out and wake up blissful. It's amazing.

* A great job I may complain that I have to use a PC at work [serious fucking piece of shit, the Windows platform] every single day, but I have a kickass job and wicked colleagues. I never thought I'd actually enjoy going back to working in an office after working from home for so long. Who'd have thunk?!

* All the travelling I've done in the past year, and all the travelling I'm about to do Every year, I'm in disbelief at the places I've been, the places I've slept in, and the places that I still have yet to see! This year, J and I have gone to the Gili Islands and Boracay together, and I've gone to LA twice, and in 22 days [!!] for the third time, where I'll be spending a longer time there. Then we're flying to the East Coast for the holidays, which means in total, back and forth, I'll be in six different planes, travelling almost 34,000km all over the place all over the world just in the next month. Holy crap.

* Functioning everything Yes, I could lose some inches, yes, I could have a little less allergies, yes, I could have smaller feet, but I'm thankful for functioning everything, and being able to walk, and practice yoga and do the things I want to do. I'm thankful for the ability to think, and to push myself into realms of physical and mental engagement that lets me be better than yesterday's Faz. Because life is not proving that you're better than other people, it's about making sure that your today self is better than yesterday's.

* My wardrobe Who am I kidding? I love my wardrobe. There are things in there that would be family heirloom: There are shoes that I would keep for a lifetime, beautiful coats and dresses that would wonderfully be vintage chic and quirky bags and weird jewellery that would take a future generation to love as much and appreciate. I have bought some awesome things this year that I've worn over and over. Quality over quantity, although I have to give in to Hello Kitty tees from time to time. ;o)

And there you go, that's my 2012 Thanksgiving Love List. Let's make this a new thedramadiaries tradition, shall we? What are you thankful for?