Years ago, I'd go to events in a heartbeat. These days I require more than just a little bit of coaxing and since my Managing Editor at inSing says I "need to be out there", I've had to suck it up and pound the pavements... or well, wait at the pavement for a cab. I'm kinda done with the small talk, schmoozing and trying to make sense of 'none-sense'. Nevertheless, I dragged my brother to the JW Anderson x Topshop Preview Party this evening, and we had fun, despite the gaggles of hipsters I wanted to trip. I bought a pullover with the ghost print from this collection, and traipsed around the area for a bit before we got bored and scooted off.

Outfit deets: Soft v-neck tshirt, Target [similar here]; Mini mermaid skirt, Forever New [similar here]; Patent red bag [new!], thanks to the good people at Carlo Rino; Heels, Jeffrey Campbell [Heart to over nasty sweat patch I had going on] 

I'm trying to wake up at 7am on a Sunday for a hot yoga sesh. We'll see how I do... ;o)


Zoie's mommy went all out this year for her birthday with kickass cake and pizza at Picotin, complimented with pony rides for the kiddos and Prosecco for the adults minding the kiddos. I arrived about two hours late, after a meeting that was unnecessarily long [I can't stand when meetings don't have agendas - I'm not there to socialise!]  with my brother and the biggest balloon I've ever bought. Let my Instagram photos do the talkin'. Look me up on Instagram via my username: fazabdulgaffa

For more Zoie-related shenanigans, look up the #stuffzoiesays hashtag on Twitter. The kid is funny!


OMG. I feel completely wrecked. An entire day of sweating, running up and down stairs, keeping my energy sky-high, followed by half a day of tear-down post-event. It's like I've had a child in one day and sent it to boarding school the next. Of course, the days leading up to the birth of this child involved a lot of blood, sweat, nightmares and a lot of yelling. I could never plan events for a living I would die. It was a fabulous party, nevertheless - I am in gratitude of my friends who turned up, my friends who walked the ill-planned catwalked, the wonderful ladies hawking the handbags behind the counter, and of course, my wonderful client, Desti Saint. It's not very often you come across such genuinely nice clients in your life, so you need to learn how to keep them happy, and how to keep them very close. ;o)


Of course, I have to end the post with my favourite photo of the night with my favourite man:


Halloween was celebrated early at J's school, and afterwards, at his place for an after-party. I was a band majorette, although until 15 minutes till I got to the school, I couldn't decide if I was a band major or a military major. I didn't care though, my outfit was super cute. Heh.

Eyes using the super cool Kajal eyeliner that Andrea and the Luxola team delivered right to my door.

Here are some of the coolest costumes for the night:

And just for kicks, here's my brother in a random photo at his school's Halloween party: [I'm not sure why the kid next to him looks like he has a dick in his mouth.]


Last night, one of my life-long dreams happened. I watched a burlesque show. It wasn't any burlesque show. I waited two whole hours, with the lovely company of my boyfriend, Jeremy and his clan for the one-and-only Dita von Teese to get nekkid on stage .

In J's words, it was a high class strip show. She flashed her pearly whites, then she flashed her toned gams. She daintily took off her pantyhose, and then threw it into the audience. She played faux-surprise flashy flashy as she took off her corset to reveal sparkly nipple tapes. What she also revealed were a pair of perfectly-shaped breasts - implants of course, so I looked them up this morning. Apparently, she had her breasts done when she was 21 - and boy, those boobs have been sculpted well.

Boobies aside, 'twas quite the night. Muchísima gracias fab Word of Mouth Communications peeps and Cointreau for the invites! And for the pink sparkly nipple tassel on the super cute Cointreau shaker!