Just fifteen minutes ago, whilst packing two luggages worth of clothes into bags, I decided, that unless I get to work on the set of Mad Men or some badass movie my boyfriend has written, tomorrow will be the last shoot I'll ever do in my life.

I have gone from doing it just because, to liking it, to loving shoots - and now I loathe it. I'm over dealing with having to carry a ton of clothes, I'm done with dealing with gutless people, I'm done with people trying to screw you over.

I started doing it because the first magazine I worked with was a fashion magazine, then, someone decided that I had a knack for it and offered me freelance gigs, then I became fashion editor of a magazine. Then, I did it because I had to pay bills. Now, I don't need styling gigs to pay my bills - I'd rather be doing things I love, namely writing.

It's not all Pradas and Guccis. If you work as a freelance stylist, most of the time, to pay the bills you'll have to take on jobs that involve buying corporate clothes, working with a ridiculous budget to clothe Africa, and let's not even talk about clients who think stylists are plastic surgeons.

A chapter closed. As of Friday, 24 Feb 2012, I'll be a retired stylist. [Maybe unless I get offered a men's suiting shoot... heh].

P.S.: I still do talks, personal shopping clients... and very selected shoots :o)

Clean & Clear Top BFFs Shoot

The Clean & Clear shoot I did last week has easily been one of my favourite non-still photography shoots ever. While I have probably been on hundreds of sets, there aren't many where I enjoy working and mucking around with the cast and crew as much as I have had on this one - of course, it helped that half of the people in the crew were people I already knew - and the other half, were just as wicked awesome. Because it was Clean & Clear, styling wasn't a main focus, so I had my bright pops of colour which I love and minimal accessories, and let Andrea and her new assistant, Mag work their magic. [I know you can barely see them, but in the first photo where my fab assistant, Gaya, is steaming clothes, she has wicked cool boots on! Hot!]

You can see how elated I am to be assisting Andrea while she cut SG contestant, Nicole's, bangs; and our too-sexy-for-his-pink-cap director, Chris:

Andrea put a hot pink blush on me [which I have already promptly purchased] for the final judging, and even though I look like Death ran over after the ridiculously hot day on set, my cheeks look mega cute. I'm not sure why the photo I took on my iPhone makes me look like I have Manga eyes:

And my favourite photo all week? White girl thinking she's Asian:

Photos swiped from Isabelle from Team Philippines, and from my trusty iPhone.

On Set for Clean & Clear

Because it's not every day that I'm in front of the camera, here's another photo of me explaining the fashion challenge to the girls. As bummed as I am that tomorrow's the last day of the shoot, I'm also looking forward to waking up at decent hours again - meaning when the sun actually manages to peek through my awesome blackout curtains.

As for now, this photo depicts exactly how I feel:

Lights, Camera, Action!

Andrea and I are currently working on a series of webisodes for a regional campaign for Clean & Clear. They're looking for the top BFF pair in Asia and they're going through an America's Next Top Model-style boot camp; which means, yes, we get to be in front of the camera too!

Even though it is work and it's only the first day, I've been finding it heaps of fun - and I wasn't even sulky when I sprung out of bed at 5.30 this morning.

They're gonna have a fashion challenge tomorrow, which means I'll be in front of the camera, and considering the fact that I'm a stylist and I have a ridiculously full wardrobe, I shouldn't have any trouble figuring out what to wear. But I do.

So many criterias to meet: I have to look hot [duh], it has to be decent enough for me to show my parents and put on my reel, I need to make sure I have nice enough shoes to wear it with, and I have to make sure I'm tall enough, yet short enough so I don't tower over the camera guys. Seriously. Like rocket science.

I finally have figured it out though. Now, just to bust my ass and batter my body in the gym before my close-up. ;o)

It's a Wrap!

I read somewhere that a woman would think twice about having another baby if she could truly remember the excruciating pain she went through during childbirth. Of course, I'm sure this had been written by a man, but I find some truth in that. If I could remember the delirium I'd go through the when I go on a 20+-hour journeys on air because of sheer boredom, I'd probably think twice about flying, or bring heavy duty sleeping pills.

I'd like to remember the sheer exhaustion derived from my five weeks of working on a TV show, not because I wouldn't ever work on one again, but because I'd consider my rates, and the time I will put in into another project more seriously.

I started about five weeks ago, two of which were for sourcing, loaning as well as fittings and then, three weeks of intense filming.

Yesterday, for our final episode, our call time was 8.30am, far later than the past eight shoot days we've had where the earliest call time was 5.30am. I am not a morning person, and I never will be. And we wrapped at 2am. That was 17.5 hours on set. I don't know how TV people do it, seriously.

For three weeks, my social life was at a stand still and I have been exhausted beyond belief, because on top of this project, I still have my company's clients to handle and manage. Not that I'm complaining of course, I had a lot of fun - hanging out with wicked awesome folks all plonked together in various places and situations and made it work.

Andrea said that it was like we went for a big camping trip for three weeks. In the middle of it, I felt I was going to die from all the work I had piling up, but this morning I woke up with a sigh of relief that it was all over, yet I was kinda sad that I wouldn't see the new friends I've made on a regular basis.

But hey I'm off to Phuket tomorrow and I'm definitely not complainin'!

P.S.: I'll let you know what TV show we filmed once I get the word it's okay to! Get excited!