There are some things in life you can't believe you have done and you're thankful you've done them. 2014 for me has been full of them - cutting bitches that I've never needed anyway out of my life, saving money, and... going through a military obstacle course with my trainers, and fellow members at Ritual.

The Commando Challenge training started about two months before. This meant that for an entire eight-week period, I went to the gym four to five times a week, I went running (which I absolutely loathe), I was eating clean, and the worst of it all - I had no bottle of Nutella open for that two months. Two months Nutella detox. It was painful.

Every Saturday, we had trainings with our trainer, Shrek, who put us through numerous workouts under the hot sun, and true enough, as he said - the trainings were tougher than the actual obstacle course actually was. I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but my team breezed through it. Sure, it was hard, but the fact that our trainer pushed us, and we saw and felt what our bodies were actually capable of doing, we knew we could nail that shit.

We could do all of it - climb up shit, climbed over shit, jumped off more shit, crawled under shit. What killed us, was what we didn't train, and couldn't possibly train for, the ice plunge.

Yes - we had to jump into a pool of ice, swim under it and emerge the other side. You know how when you watch the movie Titanic and you keep yelling at Jack and Rose to swim? Yeah, that's not even possible. It's incredibly scary how your body shuts down when you're in freezing water. It was literally an out-of-body experience - I heard myself breathing out loud in a way that I've never heard myself breath.

I mean - I know cold. I've been in sub-zero temperatures skiing in Manchuria but this, submerged in ice water (the organisers were extremely diligent about filling up the pool with more ice!) was a whole different ball game all together. The pool came up all the way to my chin when I'm 1.73m tall, so you can imagine how it must have been for the teeny tinier people.

When I emerged, I was dizzy, my ears were completely deaf, and limbs were frozen and I could see condensation smoke emerging from my skin. It was probably one of the most painful, and yet incredibly adrenalin rushing experiences I have willingly put myself through. The entire challenge was.

We went into the challenge not knowing exactly what the obstacles were, and we emerged perhaps, with a new obsession with obstacle-type races. 

Spartan, next, perhaps? I just need to forget the pain of ice challenges for now. 


Before & After

Before & After

I am one of those suckers who stayed in front of my computer for the organisers to release the tickets at noon one Friday before all slots for the first ever Color Run in Singapore were sold out in three hours. 16,000 slots. Three hours. You do the Math. 

Considering how the organisers fucked up the first day of the race pack collection, I expected some sort of human traffic disaster, but everything was smooth-sailing from trying to get into the island to starting the race. My only disappointment was that the volunteers tasked to spray powder weren't very efficient, and I think they should have been standing on apple boxes instead so they could get the runners from a higher angle. It came to a point where my friend and I decided to roll on the floor. 


Would I do The Color Run again? No, once was enough. Did it live up to its hype? Let's just say they've got a very good marketing team behind all their promo videos.  As for me, I'm still trying to get rid of the stains the red powder left on the palms of my hands.


Running tomorrow? Here's what to expect: 

  • There is no bag deposit, so come with as little as possible. 
  • Arrange to arrive about 30 min - 45 min before the race starts. It gives you enough time to orientate yourself, get a bottle of something to drink and take photos. 
  • It's not a timed run, and there are A LOT of people walking. If you plan to run, be prepared to be annoyed.
  • The red powder is heavy duty. It stains the most and is the hardest to remove from your body and your clothing.
  • Once you're done, you'll be given wet wipes, bananas, water and 100 Plus and a packet of coloured powder you can use during the after party. 
  • Cabs will not pick you up from the venue for fear that the powder will stain their cabs.  We took a Sentosa bus to Sentosa Cove before hailing a cab from there.



If there are three things that will sure to lift my dampened spirits, it's travel, shopping or food. And it's also these three things that will see me up too early on a Saturday morning bouncing off the walls in excitement. My brother, my colleague Kerryn and I, hit Blueprint Emporium bright and early while people were still setting up. I love the cozier set up this year, as compared to the one at Marina Bay Sands last year. More importantly, here was what we got:

1. Desti Saint Handbags, from a few seasons ago for our mum. SGD$20 down from USD$169! The current season pieces are on 10% just for these two days!

2. Purple python purse by Emblem, from the good people at Asia Fashion Inc who gave me a wicked discount! Thanks so much, and thanks for reading thedramadiaries! ;o) I'm also obsessed with this clutch that has a miniature version of a door knocker.

My brother paid for the purse for me as an early birthday gift! Thanks, Feiztaples! [His Twitter username is my nickname for him]

3. The coolest purchase of all, was my brother's. A gold ceramic bow tie by Italian label Cor Sine Labe Doli. He's experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance because it's the most expensive fashion item he's owned to date, but seriously, this bow tie is so bloody brilliant, it's totally worth it. $248, from Curated Editions booth. Also comes in silver, gunmetal, white and matte black!

Other deals:

  • United Nude shoes up to 70% off.
  • Carrie K up to 35% off.
  • ELOHIM By SabrinaGoh at 50% off.

I'll probably be making another trip with J in tow after our virgin yoga class at Yoga Movement tomorrow!