Sometimes awesome things happen on this blog. For example, I'm giving away an iPad Mini. And now, just in time for some lovin' for Valentine's Day, I'm giving away some wicked cute bracelet from the new cult of cool that is Cruciani.

If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what Cruciani is, I promise I won't judge you [okay, maybe a little].

Here's the PR schpeel:

Created in 1992 by Luca Caprai, Cruciani carries the highest possible levels of craftsmanship and quality. Different and distinctive, the label evokes an art de vivre, a cosmopolitan attitude and an elegance in which rules are creatively relaxed. Created for the young, casual and sophisticated, it is timeless wear with truly inspired design.

Cruciani's cashmere bracelets, created by Arnaldo Caprai’s lace company, encapsulate Italy's values of sophisticated aesthetics and high craftsmanship. Absolutely coveted, their high quality makes them easily distinguishable from increasingly frequent imitations. Each bracelet is sold with a Cruciani guarantee certificate, which also carries a thoughtful message of good wishes.

The non-PR schpeel? They're pretty bracelets you can covet and buy and layer to create some major arm candy. I love them. I always have several things on no matter where I go - one of my watches, a thin, gold ring with the tiniest diamond that was a birthday present, a vintage ring with a ruby from my Mum, and now, I've taken to wearing Cruciani bracelets with my usuals, and they add a pop of colour on my otherwise strictly-metallic hand-and-wrist area.

The Blonde Salad is a fan, and so are all these people on Instagram!

To get you started on your Cruciani collection, the good people at Cruciani Singapore have sponsored five red Heart macramé lace bracelets to thedramadiaries readers.

All you have to do is 'Like'  Cruciani Singapore's Facebook Page and leave a comment with your email address here by 13 Feb, 2359hrs.

All comments will be screened and winners will be contacted on 14 Feb. All bracelets will be sent to winners by normal mail. Registered postage is available at an additional fee.


I go through phases in my life where I get obsessed with something and can't stop wearing them. For a while, it was chunky, oversized rings and now I loathe them. Then it was sneakers. And then everything in a shade of canary yellow. My latest obsession is a royal 'fuck you' to the sun - the good ole' cap.

I love it. I slap it on no matter what I'm wearing and nobody can tell if I perspiring so much my hair is matted to the back of my head [and it has been happening the past couple of days since I've been in SG. This country is cursed, I swear], kept my head warmer in the cold, and I've been carded more times in my adult life for the past two weeks since I've started wearing this cap everywhere. I guess no grown woman would wear a Lakers cap with her heels, would they? Well, I would and it's totally working for me.


While Andrea introduced me to the wonderful world of J.Crew several years ago and I've found myself perusing their website whenever I can, I've never actually bought anything because I thought they were too expensive. Over the last couple of weeks, in between jaunts to the mall and the sales that are happening, I've accumulated a humble start to, what eventually will be, a J. Crew-filled wardrobe. The quality is wicked, the colours are up my alley and the fit fits me to a tee. Amongst my acquisitions are these bracelets I've bought:

Amongst them is a macrame lace bracelet by Cruciani. They're from Italy, come in various wicked colours and designs and they pack a punch. They also, when layered, make me feel all Californian surfer girl [even though I can't surf - yet!] and I'm far from the skinny, blonde, bikini-wearing Californian surfer chick. Their starfish ones are next on my list!