Nigel The Zit

This story begins with the tale of a zit that just wouldn't go away. Like a lot of women, I get hormonal zits once a month and even if they might be a little big, they would go away. Nigel however (Nigel The Zit - so big he deserved a zip code), refused to.

I used everything from Mario Badescu's Drying Cream to GlamGlow's Super Mud Clearing Treatment, but nothing helped. The drying creams dried the Nigel's surface but he wasn't showing signs of defeat.

When I had enough, I took out the big guns. Well, I got a doctor to take out a little teeny tiny needle, that is. I booked an appointment at a dermatologist's offive which had an opening within the next hour and there I was, head tilted back watching a needle inch closer to my face.

I'm not scared of needles. My GP thinks I have a problem because I'm constantly asking for vaccinations and asks to be updated on new vaccines in the market. The way I see it - if it prevents a disease from happening and if I can afford it, why not have it. But a needle to your face is a different story.

Surprisingly, while I did tear a little, it wasn't too painful. 


The photos above shows you the Before, Immediately After, and 72 Hours After. As you can tell, there is hyper pigmentation left on my skin from Nigel. 

Why Get A Peel?

When I came back to clinic today for a review, I was told that my best option, when it came to getting all traces of Nigel removed from my face once and for all, was a peel.

And so I did. 

But while we were at it, it was suggested to me that I get a peel on my whole eye area to improve the dark eye circles that are common amongst people with deep-set eyes.

What IS a Peel?

The doctor had the Blue Peel done on me. The Blue Peel is an in-office facial chemical peel procedure.

Like all peels, a chemical solution is applied to the skin and allowed to soak in. Over the next 1 to 14 days, depending on how deeply the chemical penetrated the skin, the skin peels off. This procedure destroys parts of the skin in a controlled way so that new skin can grow in its place.

Think of it like a snake shedding its skin for a newer, prettier one. 

The Procedure

Admittedly, the doctor freaked me out when she started by asking how my pain tolerance level was like. I like to think my pain tolerance level is pretty high after surviving two weeks in the Gili Islands with a broken toe without medical help before I got back to SG. That - and sessions with my trainer make me feel like I have a high level of pain tolerance. But the way I see it - unless you've pushed a baby out of your vagina, you don't really quite know what pain is.

But I digress. After my makeup was removed and I was lying flat on the bed, the chemical solution was applied on my eye area - first my under-eye, and then my lids. 

And then the burning came. It felt like I had rubbed chilli padi in my eyes. It was searing hot. The solution was swiped off almost as quickly as it was applied. The nurse assisting did the washing off while Dr Rajaratnam fanned my eye area to cool it down. I started to tear too, but while I thought it was painful, it was a bearable pain.

The nurse explained after that some patients choose to have numbing cream applied before the procedure because they cannot bear the pain.

The doctor confirmed that my pain tolerance is indeed, high, as I thought it was. I could've fistbumped her (but I didn't).

Here's what it looks like:

Before, with all my eye makeup removed -

photo 4.JPG

Immediately after, with some of the Blue Peel solution that has seeped into my skin before the nurse cleansed it off thoroughly:

And after it has all been washed off:

The whole thing took less than ten minutes but my eye area continued burning, and I continued tearing lightly for about ten more minutes. 

I was given after care creams and directions and sent off. My eye area would peel for ten days; right now, it feels tight and dry - which makes sense because dry skin peels. The doctor advised that it probably would take about three peels for my eye area to look completely renewed, but for now, I'm excited to see the outcome.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.