I'm not going to try and pretend I'm not the sweatiest person I know. I am. I blame my mother. She is this teeny tiny petite woman who perspires all the time. She sweats in snow. My maternal cousin probably has it as bad as I do, so much so that when we were growing up, we had to put hankies between our hands and the sheets of paper we'd write on in school or it'll get soaked through.

Years later, I no longer need to worry about soaking through sheets of paper even though I write for a living. I do believe in taking multiple showers a day for the sake of keeping clean, smelling and feeling fresh, especially when I'm in a tropical climate.

Of course, one of the most important things you need to have on your body, whether or not you glisten as much as I do, is deodorant. And you can trust me when I say I've pretty much tried all the antiperspirant deodorant available on Singapore shores. Surprisingly, despite the fact that we live in a humidity bubble masquerading as a first world country, we don't exactly have a heavy deodorant that actually works.

Enter the wonderful world of US drugstores and I meet the best deodorant in the world, called Secret Clinical Strength

I take that back. I can't call it the best in the world because I haven't tried all deodorants in the world, but this is pretty freakin' awesome. It sets you back quite a bit, even though it's just something for your pits, but I assure you, this is kickass.

Worth every cent it sets you back because it lasts hella long and it keeps you dry and feeling fresh. It doesn't have a nauseating floral scent and if applied properly (and if you shave!), you won't get white residue on your pits. Sometimes, you might get a transfer on your clothes, especially if you wear dark-coloured clothes, so I often throw on my clothes first before swiping this on. 

Just apply as you would after you shower and watch it work wonders, but make you you scrub your pits clean at the end of the day - if you don't already, of course. I promise, this one actually works.