I'm all about food you can throw into the oven and come back to. If you've seen my crustless quiche recipe, it's like, the same thing really. I love both these things because EGGS. I love eggs. What I love more than eggs? Much cheaper eggs from cage-free chickens in the US, compared to Singapore.

Start with cooking your fish. I threw in a mix of salmon and tilapia (because that's what I have in the fridge), yellow bell peppers and mushrooms. I also added turmeric and pepper.

Get some greens ready. I used basil, baby spinach lined at the bottom of the pan and cilantro (in the egg bowl). Make sure you spray some olive oil into the baking tray first. Whisk your eggs.

Once your fish + vegetables are cooked, pour it in the baking tray. 

Don't pour everything in yet, just one layer, and then pour some cheese (I use Veggie Cheese because my husband (!!!!!!!!!!!!) is lactose intolerant. Like so:

Then pour the rest of the cheese + veggie mixture into the pan and then another layer of cheese. You can skip the first layer of cheese if you want it to be less cheesy (BUT WHY THO.).

Pour all the egg in that business.


Pop it in the oven, about 30 min at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but it really depends on your oven and the size of your baking tray! When it's cooked, you should be able to put a knife into the frittata and it should come out clean. See the hole I created below.

Ta-dah! All ready! Perfect for a brunch, doncha think?