I love Instagram. Like a lot of people, I am on Instagram more often now than I am on Facebook, or any other social media channels. I think the only reason I'm still on Facebook is cos' my job requires me to.

Unfortunately, like all other social media channels, there are assholes. And while I would definitely fall into some of these categories sometimes, there are others that are Instagram assholes all the time... here are ten kinds of Instagram users I can't stand:

The Follow Unfollow Follow Unfollow

This Instagram user can't make up his mind if he wants to follow you on Instagram or he's trying to get your attention and hopes you follow him back. He can also be the type of person who follows many, many people in hopes they follow him back and eventually unfollows you, so his numbers stay high. Make up your mind, dude. And no, I'm not going to follow you.

The One Who Uses Other People's Photos

It's ok to use it once in a while, or when you're posting quotes or it's credited. Don't post photos of cafes or travel captures or makeup and try and pass it off as your own. Instagram is not Pinterest - pin photos you love on Pinterest, that's what it's for.

The One Who Doesn't Click on The Location Tag

You know when you've specifically included a location tag, a price or a tag to something you're talking about, and someone asks, "Where is this?" Stop being an asshole, asshole. READ.

The Hashtag Whore

You know what I'm talking about. This asshole probably has several pages of Notes with hashtags they can copy and paste into their photos. I totally get relevant hashtags but when you hashtag all your photos as "hot", I hate to be the one to tell you that it's not. 

The Spammer

There should be a limit to how many Instagram posts you can put up daily. Brands that are renown for their social media use post an average of 5.5 times per week, which averages out to be less than one a day.

For personal account, I like to think one a day is perfect so people don't forget you, unless you're travelling/ it's a special occasion and there's a lot of things to Instagram about. To play it safe, 3 to 5 is a good number, spread out throughout the day. Remember that unlike Twitter and Facebook where your followers can mute you, they can't do so on Instagram which can be extremely annoying.

The One Who Has Nothing Good To Say

If you have nothing good to say, nothing nice to say, nothing that will benefit the other party, be nice and shut the fuck up. We don't need another asshole in the world.

The Selfie Account

You've seen those accounts - the ones that have 13,206 and 13,200 of those are photos of the user. I love looking at selfies, and taking selfies myself, especially when I'm having a particularly good face day, but man, your daily multiple selfies and crying for attention on the internet is pathetic. 

I mean, unless you're Beyonce. Beyonce can post selfies errrrday for all I care.

The Desperate

Here's the truth - most of the time, if someone wants to follow you on social media, they will seek you out. You don't have to ask them to "follow back". You also shouldn't ask someone why he unfollowed you on social media or why he hasn't followed you back. Keep it classy, bitches. If he's not following you, he's not into you (or your photos).

Are you guilty of being an Instagram asshole? Or do are there other kinds of assholes on the social media channel you can't stand?