My fiancé is not only in Singapore for the first time since he graduated and left, he has also been officially introduced to my parents as the man I will marry, he's met some of the most important people in my life (save for my family living in Belgium), and well, he's getting up close and personal with the family he has to deal with when we get hitched. Thank God Blob is so cute.

I am, obviously, beyond elated, to have him in my comfort zone, and in some cases, finally meeting some people I've been talking to him about since he left. Also for the fact that I don't have to fly long haul - he seems to be having a much easier time doing the commute that I have been, even though I have a list and all of things to bring on board a plane in case (beauty) emergencies happen. 

Right now, I'm just glad he's here. I'm taking my time, breathing him in and savouring. :o)