One of my good friends commented yesterday that this blog is becoming a place for me to chronicle my recipes. Honestly, I have no idea what this blog is evolving to be - it was sometimes fashiony, then became career-focused, smattered with travelogues and now, it's evolving to be a healthy living journal. I know in a matter of months it will become a place to document my wedding plans.

All that said, this recipe was whipped up because I bought a delicious pineapple and I needed to finish it before the weekend was over. I usually hate fruits in my food (sweet and savoury never belong together in my books) and yes, that means I would pick out pineapple from the Hawaiian pizzas at birthday parties as a child, and corn bits from those mixed vegetable things people put in fried rice. 

For some reason, I really enjoy pineapple in this burger, and as always, my recipes are super easy to whip up. 

Here's what you need (1 serving):

100g or 3.5 oz of lean ground chicken

1 tablespoon of chopped pineapple

1 tablespoon of chopped onions (or slightly more, if you like onions, like me)

A pinch of Mrs Dash Extra Spicy Salt-free Seasoning Blend

1/4 cup of egg white

Just mix up all the ingredients together, mould it with your fingers to form a patty shape (am I the only person who LOVES handling raw meat?) and if you have a grill, you can grill it up, or just cook it on a pan like I did. One patty is about 180 calories.

Serve it with a side of vegetables, throw on a tablespoon of the best salad dressing in the world, some Sriracha sauce and you're good to go! 

Super clean meal, and so easy to whip up. Also a note on Mrs Dash's blends - I discovered them when I saw J using them when he was cooking, so I ordered three different ones from iHerb. They're delicious! So good when you're lazy to mix up fresh herbs for your meals. I love their Garlic & Herb and their Southwest Chipotle ones too. They're all salt-free! And you can use my iHerb discount code if you're ordering for the first time: ZQL070.