And so I've started shedding. It's pretty disgusting. I mean, I know the human body is capable of doing a lot of disgusting things but this, by far, is one of the most disgusting things I've woken up to: a slither of dried up skin on my pillow.

Let me back track a little. As I mentioned in my first two posts about my Obagi Blue Peel that I got done at (click for first and second posts),  I will be peeling for 10 days post-chemical peel. The first three days were extremely uncomfortable for me because the skin around my eyes was incredibly dry to the point that blinking my eyes felt bizarre. Every time that happened though, I would moisturise.

I also mentioned that the clinic advised me to moisturise and hydrate excessively to speed up the peeling and healing, and so I did. Here's what my eyes looked like yesterday when I woke up in the morning, and later in the evening, after I had three showers over the course of the day (in the morning, post-gym and in the evening):

photo 2.JPG

When my skin first started peeling and I could see the skin underneath, I started freaking out because the new skin was pinkish and much lighter than the area around my eyes. Of course, I called the clinic. The staff at the clinic advised me to apply the Betasone cream they gave me together with two other creams. Betasone was given as a precaution and to be used in case the eye area was itchy, so in this case, to speed up the healing of the new skin. 

True enough, when I woke up today, the pinkish area have turned to the colour of my normal skin. Here's what my eyes look like this morning when I woke up, as well as the slither of skin I woke up to:

photo 1.JPG

As you can see, my undereye areas are SO MUCH lighter than they were before and there's still a lot of peeling going on. I don't facilitate the peeling using my fingers, or obsessively pick at them, but I suspect my tossing and turning in bed might have helped a little too. It's not too obvious in the photo but there's still a lot of dry skin under my eyes and they will peel off in the next few days.

The skin on my lids are taking longer to peel off and unlike my under eyes, they don't peel off in chunks, but in tiny bits. I suspect it may be because there's more friction and activity that happens on your lids compared to under your eyes, which stays still most of the time.

I'm supposed to go back to the clinic for a review with the doctor on Day 9 and I can't believe I haven't had mascara or eyeliner or any form of makeup on my face for almost a week, and I miss it. I can't wait for my eyes to heal completely!