...But this site sure was! 

I did it! I'm like mid techy - I'm not tech stupid, but when people talk about coding and shit, I switch off and think about what lipstick I'm going to have on tomorrow. But this site was built with my own ten fingers, the brilliance of Celine Asril (my Food Ed at inSing) and my own brilliance of course.  

I thought it was time to retire, and use my own name as my own brand and so I did. I have yet to redirect the old site to this one (I think that requires more than my own techy skills, so I have to ask for help!), but now you know where to find me.

I feel like SO MANY THINGS have happened since I last wrote.

I was the finale girl at Kae Hana's show during Audi Fashion Festival, I got a FURLA Candy Bag (!!!), and well, lots of other work stuff that made my life busier and more exciting than it really is. 

BUT. Back to this site. Leave me a comment (it's Disqus-ran! Oooh!) and tell me how much you love it, hate it or whatever else you want to say!