I've started to take a lot of pleasure in keeping to my own bubble of thoughts while commuting to and from work. I used to be happy plugged into music and stopping myself from physical reactions whenever a bad outfit passes by me, but I've taken to reading. Reading used to be savoured just before bedtime, but since I can afford the time, and I can afford to read more...

I've just finished Paulo Coelho's Manuscript Found in Accra and I found this prose to be very apt. I've been contacted multiple times very recently about my career, and while I don't want to harp on it over and over again, this illustrates my path succinctly:

"Meanwhile, if anyone did dare to ask, the answer would be: I considered giving up, I thought God was no longer listening to me, I often had to change direction, and on other occasions I lost my way. Despite everything, though, I found it again and carried on, because I was convinced there was no other way to live my life.

I learned which bridges should be crossed and which should be burned."