How long has it been since I whipped up a gratitude list, I know not. But it's about time because I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Here are the things I'm lovin' that you too should check out:

# Before Midnight I can't wait for the latest - and final - instalment to the Before Sunrise trilogy. I love this story. Have you read about the real couple behind Before Sunrise?

# Anatomy of a stack I am loving thin gold rings. I always have - especially since I can't wear necklaces because of my eczema, but my love for rings have moved from ostentatious oversized ones to daintier jewellery. I love stacking rings and I've found a couple from some Etsy shops, and Odette

# Steamer trunks I've been home all weekend trawling random websites including Etsy. i've wanted a steamer trunk for as long as I knew what a steamer trunk was, and especially when I saw an vintage Vuitton one in the house of my then-managing editor. I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. I will one day have it in my home, but in the meantime, I'll just salivate over these.

# Geek toys While these are more a daily part of our lives more than they are geek toys, I'm always amused when I receive cool flash drives. Furla gave me one at their event, and it is in the shape of the Furla Candy bag. If you want a just-as-cool flash drive, check out this ambulance and police car flash drive. SUPER CUTE.

# Origami. Fox!

# The Death of thedramadiaries There are many reasons why thedramadiaries is left to die - it's time I used my name as my brand, and I needed something more professional to show off my work. I'm not another fucking blogger, so hopefully, this site will tell people that. Social media influencer - yes, writer - absolutely, blogger - fuck no.

# My birthday is coming! Have I mentioned that already? ;o)