That's my gravity-defying booty, thanks to Ritual. 

That's my gravity-defying booty, thanks to Ritual. 

Over the months that I've been going to Ritual, I've received many texts, emails, tweets, Facebook messages and other forms of communication asking me how Ritual works, how I feel about it, what has happened to my body since I started working out there and numerous other questions.

I get it, it's a commitment. Save for my boyfriend, I can't even commit to a shampoo long-term, so committing to a six, or a twelve-month gym membership can be daunting.

Nadiathe PR girl at Ritual, told me this once, and I can't emphasise how true this is: "Find a workout that works for you." 

Over the years, several things in the gyms I've been suckered into joining have bothered me: I get bored because I don't know what I should do at the gym, I get bored because I keep doing the same things over and over again at the gym, and well, body shaming at the gym. 

Time Factor 

Some friends who are marathon runners, feel like a 20-minute workout isn't enough for them. I, on the other hand now, get bored off my tits having to sit through an hour-long gym class at a new gym I had to review recently. Of course my attention span has never been something to be bragged about, but why spend an hour working out when you can do it in 20 mins and feel like you've worked out harder than you would in that hour? 

That's why the free one-week trial is brilliant! During that week, you can go as often as you like and get convinced (like many of my friends and readers have already!) to get your ass whooped into shape. In that week, I recommend going at least thrice to get a feel of what it's like, and you'll see what difference a 20-min workout makes in the first session.

No Body Shaming 

 One of the reasons I've hated going to gyms is because of the body shaming that goes on a lot. I remember going to a gym, signing up, and getting weighed and told what's wrong with my body and why I should sign up for personal training. Trust me, I see myself naked, I know what's wrong with it. You don't have to put it down in writing, moron. Some gym trainer once told me that my torso is too heavy. No shit, Sherlock, I have pretty awesome boobs.

While Ritual has a plethora of hot bods, no body shaming goes on there. People of various sizes, fitness levels, skin colour, economic backgrounds, work out there, encourage each other and well, fist bump at the end of each work out. It's the fitness family you've always wanted, minus the bitchy cousin.

Stick To It 

For me though, finding a regimen that I would stick to long term is always tough. Yoga, yes, but for someone who isn't flexible, it's been a long and painful process that reaps little results (ok, I can twist and turn and zip myself up without anybody's help, amongst other things).

I can't do a split if I go for yoga every day for a week, but if I go to Ritual at least four days a week, I'd be breezing through my mountain climbers and burpees.

I've gone to big gyms and spent my time on the elliptical, like everybody else. That, or I'll go on the treadmill for fifteen minutes and get bored. Let's just say 'bored' is something that will never escape my lips at the third floor of 11 North Canal Road.

I may not be skinny (and I'll never be), and that will never be something I work towards. My body is leaner, fitter, and I'm in the best shape of my life. I bought Size 29 jeans two weeks ago, and I've never bought anything below a 30 (at my heaviest, probably when I was 22, I was wearing Size 36.) 

I've worked hard, and I could work harder and I've got a longer way to go. If you've been thinking of getting on the Ritual bandwagon, sign up for a trial and mention my name when you're there. 

Be brave, bitches.