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Platypus Gourmet2Go salad boxes are like, #legittheshit. I'm not even fucking with you. I love food (as you can probably already tell) and I get really angry when I pay for food and get shitty food in return. DON'T SELL FOOD IF YOU CAN'T COOK, NUMBSKULLS.

But back to Platypus. For S$6.90, you get proteins (their salmon and smoked duck are my favourites), carbs (pasta or paella rice), beans and greens. Worth. Every. Cent.

In the realms of fashun, I've been turning to maxi skirts and long, drapey pants, much to my mother's delight of course, as opposed to my barely there mini skirts. Sometimes, I throw on a short skirt and while I think my legs look bangin' (thank you Ritual), I wonder if I'm too old to pull of a mini. When does a mini become too mini?

If you've liked my Page on Facebook, you would have heard me lamenting about the Commando Challenge and the training and nutrition I will be putting myself through. I'm both excited and scared at the same time, but I'm determined to get ripped as fuck at the end of the eight weeks.

That said though, you know what I'm obsessed with? Under Armour everythang. After a few months of working out in their sports bras, I wonder why I ever bothered with the shit LuluLemon churns out. Granted, there are some things that I love from LuluLemon like their bra tops which works for yoga, but for a brand that has been initially made for women who do sports, their support bras are jackshit compared to Under Armour's.

HAVE YOU HEARD? My currently will-remain-anonymous business partner (who is like, a pro in social media analytics and research shit that I will never understand) have set up our own social media management and creatives outfit, Fancypants & Co.! You know I've been doing social media content for awhile, so after a certain incident that happened some time last, I decided that it was time I sharpened my claws and go all out. We're in the beginning stages of our business of course (we don't even have a website or namecards out!) but we've signed two clients. Pretty wicked, huh? Get in touch if you need social media wizardry!

On a final note, I am so close to losing my shit. I haven't been out of the country since I came back from Cali some months ago. This must be a record of some sort. Saving money for a wedding is tough, guys. This travel drought needs to come to an end. Soon.