Sezairi Sezali's Broken

A total of about 26 hours of filming over a weekend has resulted in the first music video that I've ever worked on, and it's finally out. Of course, I had my whole family seated in front of the telly five minutes before it aired. My family's all kinds of awesome, and so is Sezairi's vid:

There are two endings to the video, and you can vote for the ending you think the video should have. Being a sucker for drama, I like the sadder ending better, of course. ;o) What do you reckon?

And here's something I had on my iPhone. I did get more photos of the shoot, but after my intense couple of weeks that have been packed with back-to-back presentations and shoots, my body is slowly shutting down and I cannot bare the thought of having to get up to connect my camera to my computer. Let me just amuse you with one behind-the-scenes video, and to demonstrate how bloody annoying my laughter is:

Have a good weekend, kitty cats.

Peaches, Bitches!

I saw Peaches in Berlin, and I saw her again tonight, and she was nothing short of epic.

Peaches was on top of me! Now how many of you can say that. ;o)

There are a lot of things in life that you need to experience for yourself: SXSW was one, catching Peaches live is another. Thank you Heineken for tickets, and for bringing one after another awesome act to Singapore!

Of course, in true Faz Fashion, I ended up in the middle of a fight (and threw a mean punch hitting th guy squarely in the jaw, ruining my Forever 21 ring. But damn, it felt good!). No party without a good story, eh? ;o)

The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Photography by Paul Smith

In May 2007, Universal Music sent me up to Hong Kong to interview Mika, and until today, I daresay that interview was the best I've ever done in my entire life. Despite having to share time with him with a few other journos, Mika came across as being someone very intelligent and witty - and I loved the fact that he understands the incredible platform he has as a pop sensation to make a difference. Unlike many celebrities I've interviewed, Mika has an agenda and I applaud him for it. You can read one of the many articles I got out of the interview here.

Fast forward two years and some months later, Mika released his second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much' and I can't wait for him to make his way to Asia again:

I'd love to be his stylist - quirky clothes, crazy bright colours with eccentric touches; and his clothes compliment his sound very well. Distinctive and unmistakable!

I recently added Mika on Twitter and said something about him giving the best interview I've ever done in Hong Kong, and he replied:

Paul Smith also recently photographed Mika, and the photos are pretty kickass:

In case you want to check out more of his videos, Happy Ending is one of my favourite songs from him [the video has balloons! lots and lots of balloons!], and you can find all his videos from his official Youtube channel. And of course, I have to plonk a photo I took with him then. Funny how different I think I look a mere two plus years ago:

Spotted: Mariah Carey in New York City

A couple of months back when I was in New York, while walking to Fifth Avenue from Central Park, I found a bunch of people in front of The Plaza Hotel gawking at Mariah Carey filming of what was either an ad, or her new music video.

Fast forward to today, Fadzlin told me to check out Ms Carey's new video, Obsessed, which was what she was filming. Pretty cool, no?