Whenever I hear the term 'soldier', Destiny's Child's Soldier comes to mind. It's probably one of my favourite songs by the girl group... That said, save for my brother's oversizes camo pants I tried on once, I've never owned a pair until I slipped my gams into this babies from Zara, and I was sold.

I couldn't decide between an M, which sat lower on my waist and a size L, which was slightly looser, and so I decided, just in case, I picked the bigger size. Unfortunately, they became even looser after a couple hours of wear... I'm going to throw them in the wash to shrink 'em, but I might get another one in a size smaller. Jeans or pants that fit well are so hard to come by - for me, at least. Worn with my favourite v-neck tee from Target and trusty Jeffrey Campbell heels.

On a different note, I love the length that my hair is at now, it's not super short to a point where my ponytail would look like a duck's ass, or too long where I'd be drowning in my own hair. It's easy to manage, and my boyfriend is pleased [I think], cos he prefers me with longer hair. I think it's cos he shaves his head all the time, so he needs me to make up for his lack of locks. Makes sense? I think so.

[ If you were wondering who cuts my hair...holla at Andrea for the best hair cut of your life. Again, and again. Trust me on this one.]


J's been gone for two weeks now - three weekends, which prove to be the worst time for me because I have so much time to myself. I've discovered that while he's never going to be out of my mind, the only way for me to not be reminded of how much I miss him is to keep myself occupied. Now that my once-broken toe is almost completely healed, I've started to work out again, and I've started going for yoga. Well, I went to yoga with J on a Sunday before he left and I went again yesterday. I'm ridiculously inflexible, but I do enjoy pushing my limits each class.

I picked up this awesome tshirt dress by local label MASH UP, from their Spring Summer 2012 Collection, Totemania. This collection was inspired by Native Americans who told stories through totem poles. Anybody who's familiar with closet will tell you that this is right up my alley. Loud prints, a potpourri of insane colours, and most importantly, a wicked fit. I'm actually contemplating of getting another - yes, I'm one of those people who buy multiple pieces of the same item that I love.

Anybody wants to come for yoga with me at Yoga Movement? ;o)


The one-liner title I have for this post is from the lyrics of Maroon 5's Payphone. Seriously. All these love songs about missing people, people dying, love lost, love love love. I'm about to shoot myself in the head from it. Speaking of which, my spirits were lifted this after I Skyped with J this afternoon before I left for my meetings. I didn't have much to tell him, because while he's flown over several oceans and drove home from JFK, I've just been buried under covers crying my eyes out. But it felt incredible seeing his face, listening to him laughing, watching his expressions... just missing a few sensory experiences that include breathing in whiffs of his cologne, amongst other things...

I was inspired enough to pull myself out of my bed and throw together this outfit for a meeting:

And then, I played house with Zoie, who now has a penchant for making faces at the camera.

I lived through Day 3 without J. Let's see how long I have to go.

And just cos' Adam Levine is hot, here's the video of Payphone:


Feeling festive for Chinese New Year in a red-all-over outfit. I'm so glad Spring is springing up in stores. Out with the blacks!

I know I've been slacking on updating lately - between personal matters and my bummed toe, I haven't been inspired lately to write. It's incredible how one itty bitty toe can screw up your lifestyle - today marks three weeks since I've busted my toe, and it also means I've been living in flip flops for three weeks, and it's killing me. I also haven't been going to the gym or working out in general for almost a month since Christmas, which is why I feel so damn sluggish.

It's time to pull up my non-existent socks and stop feeling sorry for myself. Going on a strict diet tomorrow - if I can't run for six months, or swim until there's bone growth, I can sure eat clean.