Faz, before 16 Dec 2014 had grand plans of trying new workouts, all over Los Angeles. Faz of June 2015 is a little bit more modest in her aspirations, especially since she is dependant on her husband and UberX

So my working out has been shot to hell the past couple of months. You know how a couple gains weight when they're happy in a relationship? That's exactly what's been happening to us. We didn't have that get-fat-honeymoon period when we first got together because John was full-on into grad school. 

I joined a gym In January and I quit a few months into because after an experience like Ritual, everything else is just noise. I hated the assholes in the gym, I hated people talking to me at the gym, and I hated being clueless and intimidated. So I quit and I started running. Unlike my brother who says that his "thing" is nothing below 42km — he's doing a 100km marathon this weekend — I have no patience for running. I like fast, painful, things that leave me breathless and crying for God on the floor.

So then I got introduced to Classpass and I decided the first class I should book is something I've never done before, and in this case, The Bar Method in Pasadena. I've seen the spot several times because my favourite poké joint is right smack in front of the studio.


In all honesty I've never thought much of barre. I first heard about was at a studio in Singapore where I went for aerial yoga classes, but I was more interested in flipping myself upside down than I am to be using 2lbs weights.

That said, sure, I can lift more than my bodyweight and I was instructed to pick up one and two-pound weights, I totally underestimated this class. Despite the fact that I am as flexible as a metal rod, and I was the only brand new beginner in the class, the instructor, Christopher, was patient with me, and he gave me multiple adjustments, particularly for those that involved flexibility. I had trouble when it came to flexibility poses, but who knew small, tiny movements could give you that much DOMS.

I totally understand why and how The Bar Method appeals, and I can see how it sculpts a long, lean dancer body. It's less coordination, unlike dance cardio type classes which is a good thing because my arms and legs never go where I tell them to, and it burns even though I'm carrying the tiniest amount of weights. It's almost like a mix of ballet and Pilates. 

While I spent most of the class like Dopey, looking for cues from the people next to me, and with multiple adjustments from the instructor, my favourite part, was when he had the class do pushups. While most if not all the women spent their pushup time supported against the wall, or on their knees, I busted them pushups like a BAMF. I would've added a clap if not for the fact that I'd actually like to attend their classes again.

I'm definitely no Black Swan, I'd actually do it on the regular if I lived closer to a studio. The poké joint opposite them is a really good draw though.