I detest long distance travel. If you know me, you'd know that I'm easily one of the most impatient people to ever walk the planet - I walk fast, I write for the Internet (which has a really speedy turnover rate compared to writing for print), I even enjoy 20-minute workouts that are so intense, they usually leave me on the floor weeping for my mother. 

Which is why long-distance travel is sheer torture for me. My journeys to LA are basically 22 hours of doing nothing but waiting: waiting to check in, waiting to board the plane, waiting to get to a certain altitude so I can plug in to my iPhone and play my Spotify playlist and hope that the Wifi on the plane works, waiting to board another plane, waiting for immigration... you get my drift.

It's all worth it, of course


I am glad, however, that J is coming to Singapore this time around instead of me flying out there. My last LAX-SGP flight is still fresh hell in my mind, so I'm glad I have more time to get over it before I fly out again in the near future.

All that said, when you travel cattle class like I do, you want to be as comfortable as humanly possible, which in all honesty can be quite a feat when you're squished in a metal coffin with 600 other human beings 40,000 feet in the air.

Here's what I lug with me on every journey without fail:

My own pillow & blanket - Call me obsessive but I don't want to think of where those pillows and blankets they hand out on the plane have been. Instead, I bring a travel pillow I very smartly bought on my transit in Minneapolis from Austin four years ago and washed very often. I also have a light, trusty travel blanket that's much warmer, longer and cleaner than the ones issued on planes.

Fresh knickers - It's too much of a hassle to bring fresh outfits, but knickers, I can do. I usually switch to fresh undies when I'm transiting and waiting for the next journey. Makes all the difference!


Multiple little bags within one big bag - I like to compartmentalise things and so I carry an A4-sized zipper bag within my bag. This usually contains another smaller bag with all my liquids so I can just fish that out at security, my passport holder which also has space for a pen and my tickets, wallet, earphones, iPad Mini, meds, basically everything I need in a clear bag that I can fish out of my bag and put in the seat pocket in front of me. It saves me from having to rummage through my bag mid-flight or worry about my valuables. 

Beauty products - Within the bag above are tons of beauty and hygiene essentials, of course. You don't need to carry full size beauty products or buy travel-sized bottles. Instead, get a bunch of contact lens cases from the dollar store, pump a little bit of product into them, and you've got a perfect on-the-go beauty travel case with you. I usually put face wash in mine because it's most important, and a hydrating wash-off mask of some sort.

I've recent discovered Skin Inc's Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask and I suspect it'll be accompanying me on my long distance journeys, and so will my specially concocted My Daily Dose serum. Breath spray is important, as well as toothbrush and toothpaste, especially when J is picking me up from the airport! ;o) Oh yeah, and wipes for downtheres. You won't be showering for a long time, so keeping as clean and fresh as possible should remain top priority!

What do you pack in your carry-ons?