I'm no yogi, nor am I a fitness junkie, but I am a mini enthusiast of sorts. I do HIIT, I dabble in yoga, and on occasion, I put myself in strange situations that I thoroughly enjoy as you can see in the photo above.

A little back story as how I got myself into that position is due here.


I was invited to Stretch City's launch event at Upside Motion's new studio thanks to my friend, AndreaStretch City is a yoga lifestyle website that curates the best of whatever yogis love into a easily-navigated virtual realm. The website is the brainchild of actress/ model Liv and Yun both of whom are yogis. Yun has actually taught me many, many classes at Yoga Movement, and she's one of my favourite yoga teachers.

The launch event, as mentioned earlier, was held at  Upside Motion's new studio on Armenian Street, which is a convenient 9min walk from City Hall MRT station. The studio is bright, spacious and for first-timers (whether to the studio, or to the practice) who are fearing for their lives, it's nothing close to intimidating.


 According to Upside Motion's websiteYogaFly fuses the benefits of traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics for a unique full-body workout that targets your core muscles without placing unnecessary pressure on the spine and joints.

With a special fabric swing that ensures you're supported, you'll achieve poses and inversions you'd never thought possible on a mat - and holy cow, it helped! It looks like nothing, but this killer fabric holds up to 450kg - so as long as you follow instructions, you can be sure you're never going to fall! In fact, according to Sufian, one of the instructors, nobody has ever fallen in any of their classes before.


 Of course, considering how much I trip over myself, falling isn't really an issue, so I enjoyed all the twisting and turning and the circusy things that we did.  

Funnily enough, the instructor who had the task of teaching the media class was Saniya,  another instructor whose classes I've also attended at Yoga Movement.  

There were many fringe activities post class, including a YogaFly performance by Saniya and Sufian. Andrea Instagram-videoed a portion of the performance that essentially left my jaw on the floor: 


I can't wait to go back and delve deeper into YogaFly, honestly!  But first, a Bikram session post-Ritual tomorrow. I can't wait to throw on my new yoga tights courtesy of MySpringFling!